Underarm Rash And Itch From Shaving?

I know many of us who have underarm rash from shaving (yours truly as well). Armpit rash after shaving and underarm itch after shaving are rather normal and common, especially for those with thicker underarm hair.

Our underarm or armpit skin is very delicate and sensitive. We use a sharp razor to scrap on the underarm skin when we remove those unsightly hair. As a result, we end up with equally unsightly underarm rash.   

According to an international journal of Cosmetic Science report, when we shave our underarm hair, we in fact remove quite a substantial amount of our underarm skin together with the armpit hair.

Imagine the harsh treatment we have done to our armpit skin, when we regularly shave our underarm hair. Now you know why we have armpit itch and rash.

Some of you may experience unbearable underarm itch and burning sensation, especially on  a hot day when you sweat profusely at your armpits. Furthermore, the use of deodorant could give rise to dermatitis or even fungal infection to your inflamed skin. 

How To Get Rid of Underarm Shaving Rash
For the time mean, do not disturb or irritate your inflamed underarm area. Avoid shaving for a few days. I recommend you use a gentle fragrance-free soap to wash your underarm area. Then always pat dry the underarm skin properly.

And for those of you who are using deodorant or antiperspirant, make sure you go for those fragrance-free formula. Make sure you don't apply it directly after your shaving. Wait for about 15 minutes to half an hour, before you apply it on to your freshly shaved underarm skin.

It would have been better if you put some hydrocortisone cream to your underarm skin after shaving and before you apply your deodorant. Hydrocortisone is an anti-itch cream.

Definitely it would have been better if you stop using deodorant or antiperspirant; and instead use baby talcum powder to keep your underarms skin dry.

When you go back to shave again, always use a new razor each time. And remember to shave in the direction that the hair grows.

But if your armpit rash after shaving still does not heal, stop applying any more cream or those home remedies for underarm itching and rash.

Underarm Itch Treatment
Many still try out those home remedies to treat underarm itch. For instance by applying the combination of  aloe vera gel together with baking soda or olive oil mixed with basil essential oil.  

If the itch is mild, then you can try Hydrocortisone cream as suggested above. But if the itch is unbearable and the rashes has worsen, there is a good possibility you could be having bacterial or fungal infection. I strongly advise you to see your dermatologist right away.